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Bricky - Promo Pack £39.99 £29.99

Do It Yourself - Save Money - Lifelong Satisfaction.

I invented the Bricky on the 27 Dec 2000, it won the Oscar D'le Invention in 2001 and now ranks among the biggest selling hand tools worldwide.

Builders increase their productivity/ wages, DIYers save huge money building such as brick planters, raised vegetable gardens, boundary walls, garages & even home extensions.

Building with the Bricky you place a percise bed of mortar, giving you uniform clean joints with no mess.



Now just £29.99 & inc. free of charge

  • Mason Mate
  • Pro - Pointer
  • Marshall Soft Grip Trowel
  • “How To Build Your Own” DVD

That's £29.99 for all the tools & the construction knowledge. £10 adds  my DIY DVD Box Set: How To- Fit Kitchen, Lay Patio, Tiling & Drylining. Take advantage build something beautiful & send us the photo.


You Can Build It! 

Noel Marshall - MD. Marshall Tools Ltd.




Independent Tool Review by Leon A. Frechette - The Tool Guy, C.R.S., Inc. Spokane, Washington, USA

In 2005 a gentlemen in Ireland called to ask me to try Bricky, a wall-building tool he invented. I was intrigued by the possibilities, so I tried it out. My wife came up with the idea of installing decorative bricks on top of existing concrete retaining walls. This gave us an opportunity to use and test Bricky. Check out the results below.




            Before                                                 After

I always struggled to achieve that masterpiece look until Bricky came along.  By next year the hops will grow up and over the arbor to help complete the project. This is one tool I highly recommend, and I'm confident that you'll enjoy using it as much as I did.

If you want to construct a raised flower bed or vegetable garden, BBQ, firewood/ coal storage unit, brick or block boundary or entrance wall, garage, workshop, home extension, porch, or any other brick/ block wall project i'd recommend the Bricky as it's a tool that really helped me achieve a high-quality professional finish.

The Bricky tool, as seen on TV infomercial, includes the horizontal and vertical guides so you lay a precise mortar bed for both the horizontal and vertical joints during brick and block wall construction. As part of a current promotion you also receive a Marshall round-nose trowel, Mason's Mate (Pair of small metal brackets that anchor the string line to the top corner of the end brick/ block - much more efficient that the old line blocks or pins), Pro-Pointer (4 sized pointing tool for striking the mortar joints- gives a beautiful flat pointed finish), and the kit also includes a very clear valuable instruction DVD presented by the tools inventor Noel Marshall, Noel shows every detail of how to build an independent outbuilding (workshop or home office) build to current homebuilding regulation standards. He also shows how to build a BBQ and nice raised flower bed.

The Bricky wall-building tool is easy and fast to use, clean as it delivers precise mortar joints with almost no waste. It allows the DIY person build walls to professional standards and move their project along with speed and ease. Bricky is a simple but very effective tool, it acts as a template to ensure a perfect uniform bed of mortar is laid between courses of bricks and blocks. Wall construction requires both horizontal and vertical joints between every brick and block. The Bricky tool addresses both types of joints with its horizontal and two vertical mortar guides. It‘s suitable for standard brick and block on-edge construction.


Benefits Of Building With The Bricky

  • Increases productivity
  • Eliminates mortar waste/ mess - no mortar falls into cavities, traditionally up to 40% was wasted
  • Ensures precise joint spacing - standard 3/8" (10mm)
  • Assures joints are completely filled with mortar - no gaps.
  • Requires no follow-up raking out, acid cleaning, etc.
  • The ultimate quality of workmanship is attained.

Leon A. Frechette - Independant Tool Reviewer.


 How To: Use Your Bricky / Build A Wall - Noel Marshall


To set out the first course place a brick at each end/ corner on a generous bed of mortar, check that they are placed the correct distance apart, square if it's a building and horizontally level to each other. Level by using a laser level or my prefered option for fool proof leveling a water level. Stretch a line using your Masons Mate between the ends, place the first bed of mortar freehand using your trowel, use the vertical guide to place the mortar between the bricks and lay the line of bricks, top edge set 1mm back from your stretched line bricks spaced 225mm apart, check using our brick tape as you go.  


Now the 1st course is laid out use the horizontal Bricky, scraping the mortar into the channel as you slide it along. On each course 1st place a couple bricks at the ends of the wall, press them into the mortar bed to secure a firm bond with 75mm height spacing and always level to ensure vertical alignment at the end/ corners. Place the string line and lay the line of bricks. Note - Brick sizes can vary slightly but always ensure the joints are on bond (the verical joints are lined up from the first 2 courses).

Every 1- 4 hours as your mortar has started to set go back over your work and strike the joints using the the Pro-pointer to get the flat pointed finish.

Note; Always splash down bricks/ blocks with water and leave to surface dry before placement.


  • Detail shows joints pointed/ uniformly spaced.



  • The lugs underneath ensures perfect positioning of the Bricky around the corners.


& Block Work... Follow same principal as outlined above, always use the bricky for uniform clean joints with no mess.


Block On Flat / Double Brick Wall... Use our new Bricky Pro Model.


Tips on Building a Wall - Noel Marshall
·         Calculate your wall dimensions to full or half sized bricks/blocks. Avoids unnecessary cutting. 
·         Lay out brick heaps and mortar spot boards every 2 meters apart to have bricks and mortar in reach at all times. Use our latex brick laying gloves to protect your hands.
·         Very Important; Splash down bricks/ blocks to saturate them with water but leave to surface dry before placement. (Dry bricks absorb the moisture from the mortar, this then forces the mortar to dry out almost immediately which leaves weak brittle joints.)  Rule Of Thumb - Mortar joints should remain malleable to touch 1 hour after brick placement. When working with very porous materials such as Aircrete/ lightweight block brush PVA adhesive (polybond) onto the joint surfaces before placement.
·         Mortar Mix - 6 part building sand, 1 part cement & 1 part hydrated lime, add water with plasticiser or PVA adhesive (mixed 5:1 in the water). (Never use washing up liquid)
·         Measure your brick spacing using our brick tape to 215mm brick 10mm joints (half bricks 102.5mm) accurately on the first 2 courses and ensure your joints are on bond - lined up on each course as you progress. For larger projects use our Marshall Profiles to assure absolute precision.
·         The natural colour of mortar can look quite bland. It's common for brick walls to add a mortar dye in the mix to enhance the appearance. (Black dye is most common but I use just half the recommended amount, this leaves a grey joint as opposed to stark black, white mortar/ joint is my most favored but this requires white sand and white cement making it quite expensive).
·         Point your joints after the mortar has started to set so any excess falls away crisp and clean. (1 - 4 hours after placement).
·         Keep your tools reasonably clean as you work and clean well at the end of each day.
Keep in your favorites to stay updated with the latest innovative building tools.


The Bricky Story; Article courtesy of Irish Times.

Noel Marshall was born on 6th May 1975. He grew up on a small farm near Ballygarvan county Cork, Noel is the 2nd from a family of 5 children their childhood was a far cry from the play station age that has engulfed our current generation. From the age of 5 or 6 before school he would be out at 6am helping with the work around the farm these jobs included milking cows by hand, rearing calves, pigs and hens. With chores done by 8am Noel his older brother and three younger sisters walked 2 miles to their local school. His father combined the farm work with holding down a full time job as a builder with the county council.

Noels creativity was evident from an early age often making his own toys from wood and always engrossed during construction work conducted on the farm. At school he only engaged on practical subjects but excelled in these. From age 11 he worked during the summer holidays at a concrete paving yard producing slabs and laying patios, cycled 6 miles to and from each day starting work at 8am. His senior colleagues were astonished at the kid’s ability to work; Victor Kelly his boss as this time remarked.

“Each summer he’d bring an incredible energy to the place. Everyone adored him and we all had a sense he’d do great things. His inventions are testament to the guy’s practicality and drive they are so simple yet brilliant. All our wishes are behind him”

Victor Kelly – Ballygarvan Concrete Products

Noel Left School before his final year and joined the Irish army as an apprentice carpenter, while excelling at the carpentry he struggled with conforming to the other facets of army life. Geared for productivity, spending days preparing for inspections frustrated him greatly. This lead him to take up endurance running where he also excelled, going on to represent Ireland at international level he trained hard with aspirations to qualify for the 2004 Olympic marathon however the combination of consistent injury and overtraining eventually ended the quest - PB’s include 24:58 for 5 miles and 51:32 for 10 miles.  

“For six years I periodically trained flat out twice a day seven days a week. I became plagued with injury and eventually burned out from a period of over training as I pushed to hit that exceptional Olympic standard. Competitive sport is a very grounding experience; you push yourself to the limits of human endeavor to reach a high level” - Noel Marshall

Noel left the army 6 months after producing the first Bricky prototype. He raised funding of €650K from 25 local investors for production and marketing. Bricky is now considered the most successful hand tool invented this turn of the century. The Masons Mate and Pro-pointer were later additions to the portfolio. His states "my profile system to set out walls with engineering precision and efficiency will be available soon, watch this space."







Add our Brick Tape or DIY DVD Box Set for £10: Add both £15.


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